Fine Furniture & Retro Vintage Jengki

Fine Furniture for Sale, Minimalist Contemporary and Retro Style.

Primarily from solid teak wood, but also enable to work with many other selected woods such as; mahogany, mindi wood and another local Indonesia woods. All of wood component is dried to ensure it is stable when it is arrived in your place and all items are hand crafted by individual. For finest wood quality, i do kiln dry for the material before build the furniture with our standard moisture content to prevent cracking and splitting. i provide you with service and quality in very reasonable price. Just contact me with any specific pieces that you require and i’m with my crafters will do our best to fulfill your need.

Finally here i just want to say that i really look forward to having a long and pleasant furniture business relationship with domestics and foreigners. So, just feel free to contact me for details. Please, visit my company site at for your guidance.

And another Retro Vintage Indonesia that we love;

Another shop category ;

Antique Repro Furniture

Rustic Wood Style


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