Antique Repro

Here’s my collections about antique repro and painted furniture.

The collection is telling you about colors and carving styles. I am welcome for custom order that require design furniture from customer. Send me your picture including measurement and material, and i will quote you estimation price.

My main aim is customer satisfaction. i do not work for short time only,  but i have thought relationship along to the future. All of wood is dried to ensure it is stable when it is arrived in your place and all items are hand crafted by individual. And if you have plan for traveling to Indonesia, just come by and visit my place in Jepara and find the items or discuss any new design. Even if you are looking for partnership or direct exporter furniture from Indonesia, hope you might consider me as the one you are looking for, and of course with competitive and reasonable prices.

Please enjoy my antique repro and painted collections below or you can also see my antique and painted furniture collection on here. If you have any enquiry, just feel free to contact me for further detail.

 Another shop category ;

Rustic Wood Furniture

Fine Furniture and Retro Jengki Indonesia


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