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Kami memproduksi lemari rak buku minimalis jati. Kualitas ekspor harga pasar lokal Indonesia, Jepara Goods.


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  • Hey let's just make a friend, if then someday we will talk about business, that's only a bonus from our friendship :) - Ridwan.

    WA ; +62 87 831 954 212
    Mon - Sun ; 10am - 5pm (GMT+7).

  • We do shipment our high quality furniture worldwide

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    Load our high quality furniture containership before heading to the port for ocean freight and shipment to worldwide.

  • The Furniture Production Process in Warehouse


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  • Buy Indonesia Furniture in Bulk and Save! Direct supply from Jepara craftsmen!

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    the jegoods indonesia furniture brand,local brand,local designer indonesia,desainer furniture indonesia,merk lokal jepara goods indonesia,tukang kayu jepara,furnitur vintage retro jepara indonesia

    the JEGOODS is a woodworking and furniture design studio owned and developed by young and enthusiastic persons with the objective of developing quality products continuously. All items are hand crafted by individual. Please, visit our company site at ; 

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